Kauai / by Christin Healey

My husband and I promised on the day we said "I do" we would always go somewhere warm and away from the chaos that can come with the holidays.  For four years now we have kept that promise, and this past year it was the lovely island of Kauai, true to it's namesake, the "Garden Isle".

This little remote island in the middle of the Pacific was a dream from the start.  With enormous waves crashing against the sandy beaches, the cliffs sculpted from 5 million years of erosion that cascaded into the sea, and the lush, fragrant landscape all around, it's truly nothing short of a tropical paradise and an assault in the best possible way, of all your senses.  

Now I know pretty pictures are great and all, but let's talk adventure.  If you're here, you probably like to get out, and Kauai has no shortage of adventures to be had.  There are seemingly endless miles of trails, from the groomed and heavily treaded, to the faint hunting trails that are just begging to be blazed; get ready to trek to remote beaches or wind up on the edge of an impossibly high cliff jutting out over the ocean. Throw in snorkeling, kayaking the rivers, and of course surfing, and you could explore this island for years without running out of options. 

I could go on and on about the wonders of this place, and wander around discovering all of those wonders on a daily basis, but I'll let the images speak for themselves. Happy travels, friends!