Five Reasons To Camp in Virginia / by Christin Healey

It's prime time to set up camp across the country, and the lovely state of Virginia just happens to be one of the best spots around to wander into the woods and get cozy under the stars for a night or two. 


1) Lots of options, not planning! As opposed to most breathtakingly beautiful locales around the country, you don't need to secure a permit in advance for your backcountry camping trip in Shenandoah and the surrounding areas. Keep in mind that some of the prime spots for car camping do require a reservation in advance, but for a true wilderness experience, head for those rolling mountains!


2) Dog friendly! Again, almost every National park in the country has very strict regulations as far as your four-legged friends go. Shenandoah National Park only has a few trails that the pups are not allowed on, and that is purely for their own safety. So grab that leash, your best friend, and don't forget the t-r-e-a-t-s ! 


3) Seclusion meets world class hikes! Virginia is home to some of the most amazing hikes around, with views that stretch for miles and miles over valley, farmland, and rolling mountains.  You can typically find a spot to pitch your tent and wake up to the most dazzling views of the Blue Ridge you could dream up, not to mention a sky full of stars on a clear night that you just may have all to yourself. So lace up those boots, take a deep breath of that mountain air, and get ready to hit that refresh button. 

4) Romantic Getaway! Few things can strengthen a bond like hiking into a spot with all of your things on your back, setting up your little home, cooking up some mountain fare, and watching the sun set below the horizon. Virginia is for lovers after all, and you don't need an expensive getaway to enjoy the best things in life. So round up your favorite person and set out for an epic adventure in the Blue Ridge.


5) Those views! We already touched on this a little bit, but Virginia has views for days. Everything from the drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive is pure heaven on earth, and as you peer out of your tent into those wide open spaces, it only gets better. You can camp near waterfalls, secluded forests, open meadows, or with front and center mountains - it's all right there in front of you.



Have fun out there friends, and always remember to LNT to keep VA beautiful. 



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